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RHEL5.11 Linux操作系统下载_红帽企业redhat enterprise linux server5.11下载

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RHEL5.11 linux操作系统下载_红帽企业red hat enterprise linux  server5.11下载:
红帽企业 Linux 5.11 发布了,该版本更新了订阅管理器,提升了调试,增加了新的存储驱动新特性:
LSI MegaRAID SAS 9360/9380 控制卡不再属技术预览。
采用 samba3x 时,Trivial Database 档的格式将会被升级。这是个不能撤消的改动。

RHEL5.11 Linux操作系统下载

RHEL5.11 Linux操作系统下载

dmidecode Supports SMBIOS
The?dmidecode?utility now supports System Management BIOS (SMBIOS)    version 2.8, which enables?dmidecode?to automate builds and deployments                 on a wider variety of hardware.         
Timeout Value Control

The Red?Hat Enterprise?Linux?5.11?kernel?now includes an option to  control the timeout value for I/O error recovery commands. Previously,    the retry value was set to 5, which resulted in 90-second timing out    messages.
Reducing the number of retries allows for a more efficient  management of timeout layers.

LSI 12 Gb/s adapters with the MegaRAID SAS driver
LSI MegaRAID SAS 9360/9380 12Gb/s controllers, previously supported as a    Technology Preview, are now fully supported in Red?Hat  Enterprise?Linux?5.11.
ProLiant Servers Support
The cciss driver now supports ProLiant servers with the latest HP SAS                 Smart Array controllers.

samba3x: New Format of the TrivialDatabase (TDB) Files

An update of the?samba3x?packages changes the format of the Trivial    Database (TDB) files, and the existing TDB files are updated to conform  to the new format when you upgrade your Samba packages. In addition,    earlier versions of Samba are not compatible with the new TDB fileformat. In order to successfully downgrade to an earlier version ofSamba, you must use a backed up version of your TDB files, which uses the previous formatting.
Enhanced Error Messaging in Red Hat Support Tool

The?Red Hat Support Tool?now displays better error messages when thetool is unable to download debug symbols, for example due to    insufficient disk space.

Subscription Manager

The?Subscription Manager?in Red?Hat Enterprise?Linux?5.11 generates    the?redhat.repo?file immediately after user attachment and does not waitfor the?yum?utility.
The?Subscription Type?field has been included in the?Subscription    Manager. You can view the field in the command-line interface as well as  the graphical user interface to inform you about the kind of  subscription that is used, which determines the attributes that drive  subscription's behavior.
Repositories can now be enabled and disabled directly in the GUI                 of?Subscription Manager.

Several  enhancements to the command-line interface have been introduced:

In Red?Hat Enterprise?Linux?5.11, the?rhsm-debug system?tool creates atar file that contains files to be attached to bug reports
Two new fields have been added to the output of the?subscription-manager    list --available?command. The?Provides?field shows the names of the                 products that the system is eligible for. The?Suggested?field has been                 added to facilitate compliance and provide parity with the GUI.
The output of the?subscription-manager list --available?command now                 includes the stock-keeping unit (SKU).

Support for ESXi

When the?virt-who?agent runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux    5.11,?virt-who?can now communicate with VMWare ESXi and obtain the host  and guest mapping information for Red Hat Subscription Manager.

NIST Certification for OpenSCAP
OpenSCAP 1.0.8 has been certified by the National Institute of Standards     
and Technology’s (NIST) Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) 1.2    in the Authenticated Configuration Scanner category with the Common                 Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE) option. OpenSCAP provides a library                 that can parse and evaluate each component of the SCAP standard in order                 to make creating new SCAP tools convenient. Also, OpenSCAP offers a                 multi-purpose tool designed to format content into documents or scan the                 system based on this content.

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